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Frequently asked Questions

  • How do I schedule placenta services?
    Once you fill out the contact form check your email (and spam folder!) and complete the online registration and payment. After that you are officially on our schedule! We have easy and convenient pickup hours from 9am-9pm, 7 days a week. You will receive detailed information regarding when to call, when you will receive your kit, etc and you will also have access to your placenta specialist for additional questions!
  • What if I need to ship my placenta?
    If you are a nationwide customer, you'll receive your kit between 34-36 weeks (unless other arrangements are made) with instructions & everything you'll need to package and ship your placenta to us for processing after your birth. Your placenta will need to be placed on ice/refrigerated within 2-3 hours of your birth and FROZEN within 72 hours.
  • Can I encapsulate if I am being induced or planning a scheduled cesarean birth?
    Yes!! Your placenta can be processed regardless of your birth choices. Epidurals, IV pain medications during labor, pitocin inductions, cesarean birth. Medications or drugs that are considered safe to administer during pregnancy, labor, and delivery are also considered safe for placenta encapsulation.
  • How soon will my placenta be picked up if I am local?
    Most placentas for local clients are picked up within 2 hours of birth during our pickup hours of 9:00am – 9:00pm or within 12 hours after birth if the placenta is ready outside pickup ours hours. All placentas must be placed on ice or refrigerated within 2-3 hours of the birth. Detailed instructions for preparing the placenta for pickup will be included in your placenta kit. ​
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